Newcastle/Gateshead Press Cuttings: Culture-Led Regeneration (2006/7)

Newcastle/Gateshead Press Cuttings: Culture-Led Regeneration (2006/7)
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Description 'Grand plan is source of local pride', Newcastle Journal, 18 January 2006, p28-37 'Up-market hotel plan for site next to Baltic', Newcastle Journal, 25 January 2006, P29 'Wanted: Developer to be quay player', Newcastle Journal, 25 January 2006, p7 'Hotel plans are checked in', Newcastle Journal, 25 January 2006, p7 'Quays future turns on secret shortlist', Newcastle Journal, 12 April 2006, p7 'Quay to the final link' Gateshead Herald & Post, 19 April, p1 'New lease of life for quay site'. The Journal (Newcastle), 27 Sept 2006, p36 'Delight at Quayside vision', Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), 18 October 2006 p2-3 'A quay to the future', The Journal (Newcastle), 18 October 2006. front page 'Vison of the future unveiled' ,The Journal (Newcastle), 18 October 2006. p6-7 'The evolution of a new riverscape', Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), 19 October 2006 p38-39 'Support on all sides for quayside scheme', The Journal (Newcastle),19 October 2006, p19 'There' gold in the banks of this river', The Journal (Newcastle), 1 November 2006, p33 'A post-industrial revolution on the banks of the river that has seen everything', Spectator, 4 November 2006, p40 'It's best place in world', Newcastle Journal, 15 November 2006, p12 'Fantastic case to make for funding' (letter) by Mark Robinson in The Journal, 21 December 2006, p10 'A city reborn into a capital of culture' by Yasmin Hampson in Bolton News, 30 December 2006, p23 'Centre plan unveiled' (Gateshead City Centre), Gateshead Herald and Post, 24 January 2007, p1 'For art's sake?' Guardian Unlimited (web), 10 February 2006 'Tyneside cultural revolution' by Cathy Packe in The Independent, 15 April 2006, p2-3 'Flood on the Tyne' in Guardian Unlimited (web), 19 May 2006 'We must spread ambition and pride more widely across all sectors of our population' with Andrew Dixon in Newcastle Journal, 6 May 2006, p11 'Achievements are monumental' by Rhodri Phillips in The Journal, 28 December 2006, p14-15 'Take a closer look at the North-East' by Ian Hall in PR Week, 27 January 2006, p14 'Passionate about public service' Municipal Journal, 30 March 2006, p3 'Tyne and Wear: Plenty of cause for optimism' North East Business, 1 February 2006, p18 'Why Alan Smith wants Art to take Centre Stage' by alan Smith in Building for Leisure, 1st May 2007 'Talk of the Toon' Manchester Evening News, 9 May 2006, p22 Bright Lights Big City' by Graham Norwood, The Independent, 3 May 2006, p6-7 'City to City: Urban Regeneration' by Cherie Federico in Aesthetica Issue 16 (2006), p36,37 'Quay site to host North's biggest art fair' The Journal, 17 January 2007, p24 'Quayside gets off to a flyer!Cable cars may link centre with river' by Linda Richards in Evening Chronicle, 17 January 2007, p17 'Gateshead! Out come Newcastle's new club kids' POP, February, 2007, p160-162 'Donna tells of favourite things in North-East' (Donna Air) The Journal, 14 February 2007, p4 'State of the art' by Sarah Halliwell in Livewire, Jan/March 2007, p18-21 'Family Favourites' Guardian, 3 March 2007, p2 'Environment-friendly bus that filled our streets with smoke' by Paul McMillan in Evening Chronicle, 6 March 2007, p17 'We need the Turner' Isle of Thanet Gazette, 23 March 2007, p13 'New quayside hotel gets the green light' by Nigel Stirling in Newcastle Journal, 4 April 2007, p30 'Ground work starts on prime quays site' by Linda Richards in Evening Chronicle, 10 April 2007, p12 'Hotel is latest Opus on Quays' Gateshead Herald & Post, 11 April 2007, p6 'Quay Bus Services Extending' by Peter Young in the Evening Chronicle, 30th May 2007 'Good Causes Benefit' in the Chronicle Live, 30th May 2007 'Out on the Toon' by Gill Hall in Niche Commercial Finance (Main) 1st June 2007 'Heavy History' by Be Stephenson in the Observer, 3rd June 2007 'Residents say waterfront complex would block river view' by Peter Young in the Evening Chronicle, 8th June 2007. 'Tyne for a change' by Paul Adcock in Gloucestershire Echo, 16 June 2007, p21 'College's new Baltic campus will change the landscape' in The Journal, 18 June 2007 'Better off in beds' by Lydia Stockdale in Property Week, 22 June 2007, p107-108 'Twin town revival - from an industrial past to creative future' The Journal, 25 June 2007, p42 '£2.3m transformation for former MFI factory' The Journal, 27 June 2007, p38 'Real test for arts in next spending review' by Andrew Dixon in The Journal, 29 June 2007, p10 'NewcastleGateshead Quayside' in Living North, July 2007, p63,64 'Getting out there' in Living North, July 2007, p92,93 'In with the new' by Alexandra Pratt in RICS Business, July 2007, p16-18 'Out with the old, in with the Newcastle' by Ben Hall, in Sunday Express, 1 July 2007, p80-81 'Rockin' all over Britain' by Ken Bennett in Oldham Evening Chronicle, 3 July 2007, p20,21 'National Design Festival heads for Quayside' Creativematch (web), 4 July 2007 'Revival must be protected' Northern Echo, 9 July 2007, p18 'Tyne Out' by Elise Rana in TNT Magazine, 9 July 2007, 82-3 'Regions cities at bottom of economic growth list' by Paul Cook and Neil Macfarlane' Northern Echo, 9 July 2007, p2 'Poor transport links holding region back' 10 July 2007, p4 'Going for Gold - NewcastleGateshead is up against London... by Laura Caroe Evening Chronicle, 13 July 2007 'Glory Restored' by Mr Jim Davidson, Country Life, 19 July 2007 'Insulated Approach' Public Sector Construction, 1 August 2007 'Hemingway points the way forward for Tees Valley' North East Times Magazine, August 2007, p10 'Changing face of the Quayside' by Paul James, The Journal (web) 26 August 2007 'Tuxedo to Go' by Linda Richards, the Journal, 30 August 2007 'The party's over for our princess' by Graeme King, The Journal, 31 August 2007 'Market's preparing to prosper' by Liz Lamb, Evening Chronicle, 12 July 2007 'The finer arts of education' by Kate Owens, Culture, September 2007 'A View From The North', by Robin Bloom, Legal Week, 13 September 2007, p14 'Newcastle finds its Maison d'etre. Opulent new hotel is the place to be', by Donna Watson, Daily Record. 15 September 2007, p41 'FT Report - Doing Business in Newcastle: Wall is just one brick in strategy', Financial Times Surveys (wire), 15 September 2007 'Angel proves to be capital idea', by Hannah Davies, Evening Gazette (Teesside), 24 September 2007, p31 'Gateshead prepares for GQ2', in Building for leisure, 1st October 2007 Quayside's revamp plans go on show', by Paul James, The Journal, 04 October 2007 'Fashionable face of a gritty city, by Jonny Beardsall, The Daily Telegraph, 11 October 2007 'Quayside in line for renewal', Planning. 12 October 2007 'A weekender's guide to NewcastleGateshead', The Independent, 20 October 2007 'Pint of best', in the Riba Journal, 30th October 2007 'The changing face of Tyne & Wear', 1 November 2007, p4 'Amazing transformation', Investment Now, 1 November 2007, p7 'Another revolution in the making' by Helen Carter in The Guardian, Northern Edge Supplement, 28 November 2007 'Park life about to come in from the cold', The Journal, December 2007, p22 'Capital of Culture' Living North, December 2007, p14-16 'Quay time', Council News, December 2007 'Bring it on' [refs to Yoko Ono exhibition at BALTIC] by David Whetstone in The Journal - Culture Magazine, December 2007, p23' 'Culture and Regeneration on Tyneside', BURA Journal, 1 December 2007, p25 'Culture-led Regeneration and Regeneration-led Culture', BURA Journal, 1 December 2007, p21 'Hotel plan for quayside next to the Baltic', The Journal, 12 December 2007 'Newcastle' [Regeneration of the quayside], Mountain Bike rider, 1 January 2008, p84 This file includes articles about the new plans for the Gateshead Quays area between BALTIC and the SAGE (including computer generated drawings and historic pictures of Gateshead Quayside)
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Months January 2006, April 2006, October 2006, November 2006, July 2007, August 2007
Keywords Gateshead Quayside, Urban redevelopment, Baltic Business Quarter, Culture-led regeneration, Gateshead College Baltic Campus
Related City/Region Gateshead
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
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