Newcastle/Gateshead Press Cuttings: Culture-led Regeneration (2008)

Newcastle/Gateshead Press Cuttings: Culture-led Regeneration (2008)
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'North East... The Coast' in Holiday Cottage Magazine, September 2008 'What are bridges for these days?' BBC (web) 21 August 2008 'Major developments turned down' Yorkshire Post (North/York) 11 August 2008 'A sign of the Tyne' The Sunday Telegraph, 3 August 2008 'Breaking with Tradition' Edge (Computer magazine) August 2008 'Re-branding of a city' Property Executive, July 2008 'Quality Tyne' Legal Week, 10 July 2008 'An alternative look at the way city was shaped' by Tony Henderson, The Journal, 17 June 2008 'A catalyst for inspiration' by Yiva French and Clare Moloney in Arts Professional, 2 June 2008, p9 'In search of lost Tyne. Newcastle has been rebranded from a city of heavy industry to a raucous capital of culture. But in leaving its grittier past behind, how much has the place lost?' by Richard T Kelly in Prospect, May 2008, p67-69 'Rural art projects funding slashed. Cash diverted to London Olympics' by Adrian Pearson in The Journal, 30 April 2008 'Why the creative sector is region's shining light. Within the past decade, the North-East's creative sector has more than doubled, contributing £2.65bn to the regional economy each year' by Deborah Johnson in Northern Echo, 22 April 2008, p 6-7 'Mixing business and pleasure - tourism has its work cut out' by Owen McAteer in Northern Echo, 15 April 2008, p8-9 'Bridge holds a lottery rollover', Evening Chronicle, 17 April 2008 'And now for tonight's bonus ball...', The Journal, 16 April 2008 'You'll have a great Tyne in fashionable Newcastle', Belfast Telegraph Morning, 8 April 2008, p12-13 'Gateshead revisited', BIDA, Spring 2008 'Plans for £18 million development [Starboard Hotels], Buxton Today, 30 March 2008 (web) 'Plans for new hotel and office park in Gateshead [Starboard Hotels]', BBC Radio Newcastle radio log, 19 March 2008 'Drive for a brighter future and environment earns a double [Gateshead]', Northern Echo (Darlington/South Durham), 12 March 2008, p11 'Cultural icon [Angel of the North as catalyst for regeneration], by Iain Lynn in New Start, 7 March 2008 'Extreme economic makeovers - Dublin, Newcastle and Enschede' by Roy van Dalm and Gert-Jan Hospers in Property EU, March 2008 'All points north', [Northern Art Prize], Living North, March 2008, p159-162 'Why our city's cultural plans are half-arted' [re: Hull's regeneration policies], Hull Daily Mail, 29 February 2008, p14 'Spirit of the north', by Stuart Jeffries in The Guardian, 14 February 2008 'Foundations for the future', Parliamentary Monitor, February 2008, p71 'A year to cheer', Living North, February 2008, p155-158 'Blood on the dancefloor: Culture secretary James Purnell wants to fund art according to how good it is, rather than how many see it-and his critics are already sharpening their knives', by John Harris in The Guardian, 5 January 2008, p36 'What I love about...Newcastle: the lines of beauty', by Sankha Guha in The Financial Times, 5/6 January 2008

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Keywords Gateshead Quayside, Economics, Urban redevelopment, Baltic Business Quarter, Culture-led regeneration, Gateshead College Baltic Campus
Related Cities/Regions Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne
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