Nick Hornby: Atom vs. Super Subject

Nick Hornby: Atom vs. Super Subject
Library Shelf Location 18.HORN
Publication Date 2010
Description Alexia Goethe Gallery is pleased to present Atom vs. Super Subject, Nick Hornby’s first solo exhibition in London, featuring a series of new multifaceted sculptural works. Hornby practices sculpture as inquiry, challenging the icon with its own evocative, metonymic fragment: white abstract sculptures, ranging in size from the small bust to the public monument, from the intimate to the historic. For each piece, Hornby coerces unwitting sculptures to cohabit a single space: a portrait from the V&A, a Henry Moore figure, Elizabeth Frink’s Riding Man. Virtualised on a computer, Hornby superimposes these threedimensional forms, then cuts them by machine and finally casts a single object. Each finished sculpture is derived from the physical intersections of such overlapping source material. So, as the viewer circulates the object, recognisable fragments snap into view before dissolving back into abstraction. It is as if the artist gives us a puzzle: we are left to dissect an amalgam of sources, processes and constructions, piled around an imaginary meeting point.
ISBN 9781906463168
Quantity 1
Pages 32
Author Ossian Ward
Publisher Alexia Goethe Gallery
Related Artist Nick Hornby
Category Sculpture
Language English

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