Nigel Cooke

Nigel Cooke
Library Shelf Location 18.COOK
Publication Date 2010
Description The paintings of Nigel Cooke shows are mental landscapes, gloomy, melancholy scenes. They are surreal worlds populated by wandering artist and philosopher-figures. As in existential parodies of scenes, the protagonists find absurd in areas and situations, beyond logic and reason. Nigel Cooke's paintings construct a dark and melancholic world; a deeply psychologised landscape filled with an atmosphere that articulates the trauma of creative dereliction. At its core, Cooke's work is an allegorical conception of creativity and production, played out in a world populated by artists and philosophers. This is a place haunted by vagrant and degenerate martyrs who have caved in to a parody of existentialism and committed themselves to experience over abstractions of thought. These characters abandon reason, wilfully and foolishly throwing themselves headlong into the unseen and unknown.
ISBN 9783865609113
Quantity 2
Pages 118
Editor Stuart Shave
Author Michael Bracewell
Format Hardback
Publisher Koenig Books
Related Artist Nigel Cooke
Category Painting
Artist's Nationality British/UK
Language English

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