Normality: The Festival of Regions 2009

Normality: The Festival of Regions 2009
Library Shelf Location 16.REGI
Publication Date 2009
Description Since 1993, the Festival of Regions has been taking place every two years at different places in Upper Austria and, since that time, has developed into a contemporary event focused on present-day, site-specific art and cultu-re. At the interface between art and everyday life, the festival's projects draw the living spaces and populations in each festival locality into an engagement with social, political and artistic issues. In 2009 the Festival of Regions was oriented toward the southern edge of the city of Linz, along the Traun River, with a focus on the satellite town of Auwiesen and the residential complexes of Solar City. From Allende Square to Lunar Square, beyond the inner urban orientation toward concentration, commercial use and entertainment, and at a certain safe distance from the cultural spectacles propagated on all sides, the Festival of Regions is interested in the factual or imagined state of normality in urban life and in seeking out its cultural expression. In the spaces into which cities extend, the planning potential in politics and society overlap with how people plan their lives. At the point where master plan meets home improvement, in everyday life situated between parking management and the desire for recreational spaces, permeated by hopes of improving one‘s social status and the fear of losing it, historical and topical ideas about communal well-being and society intersect with the daily struggle to live a good life.
ISBN 9783200016835
Quantity 1
Pages 343
Editors Martin Fritz, Thomas Kreiseder
Format Paperback
Publisher Festival der Regionen
Category Annual/Biennial/Triennial...survey shows/events and competitions
Related Country/Global Region Austria
Languages English, Austrian

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