Northern Lights: Reflecting with Images

Northern Lights: Reflecting with Images
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Publication Date 2007
Description This volume brings together the works of six of the most influential artists of the new northern European generation, who have recently aroused the interest of critics worldwide. The curator has called on a number of artists of the younger generation to intervene in the project, many of whom already boast a high level of international renown; Elina Brotherus, Annika von Hausswolff, Sarah Jones, Walter Niedemayr, Salla Tykkä and Walker and Walker reflect on the relationship that man has with his surrounding reality, from the domestic setting to the natural environment. The images, be they in the form of photographs, videos or films, entice the spectator to make his way forward, to participate by trying to identify with the subject and its loneliness, to discover and understand its fears, joys and the relationship it has with the world around it, with that which it touches or sees in order to comprehend first of all who really lives inside the body. Their gaze upon the world shares an apparent coldness which conceals their profound involvement in the emotional sphere. The human figure is always central to the works on show, always the protagonist even when placed as if within a painting, lost in the landscape or a portrayed within the home. The condition of the human figure, its way of manifesting itself or its sudden disappearance at times express melancholy, unrest, yet also a conscious resignation which does not mean loss or defeat but rather a need for freedom, for revenge.
ISBN 9788836608447
Quantity 1
Pages 168
Author Filippo Maggia
Format Paperback
Publisher Silvana Editoriale SpA
Related Artists Elina Brotherus, Annika von Hausswolff, Sarah Jones, Walker & Walker, Walter Niedemayr, Salla Tykka
Categories Photography, Film and Artists' Moving Image
Related Countries/Global Region Europe, Northern Europe
Languages English, Italian

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