Now & Future Japan

Now & Future Japan
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Publication Date 2012
Description NOW&FUTURE is a form of ‘art action’ run by a group of London-based art professionals that aims to divert the current socio-political realities in order to achieve a brighter future. NOW&FUTURE: JAPAN is the first project of the collective and was initiated soon after the disaster of the 3.11 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Although art may not be able to directly save lives like a rescue worker on the ground can, NOW&FUTURE proposes that art has the potential to open up arenas for debate that can cultivate hope for the present and future of individuals, societies and beyond. NOW&FUTURE: JAPAN commemorates one year since the 3.11 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami through the three simultaneous contemporary art projects YOKO ONO: MEND PIECE, 2000 CHILDREN and BE/LONGINGS, with a coinciding catalogue publication. The aim of the project is to raise urgent social awareness and financial support for the children who lost their parent(s) or guardians in the disaster. In order to achieve this goal, educational workshops for children and academic seminars for adults will be run. These events are in addition to the evening of charitable auction and the audience-participatory work by Yoko Ono exhibited throughout the period. Any financial contributions raised through this project will be donated to the Tokyo-based charity ASHINAGA, which is committed to providing emotional, financial and social support to children in need. YOKO ONO: MEND PIECE AUDIENCE-PARTICIPATORY INSTALLATION This symbolic piece by Yoko Ono, exhibited originally at her solo show in London in 1966, will be re-visited as a reformed artwork in today’s society. Viewers will be invited to ‘mend’ broken crockery as a metaphor for healing themselves and the world. 2000 CHILDREN LIVE AUCTION A live auction of works by international artists will be auctioneered by Hugh Edmeades, International Director of Auctioneering, Christie's. The works will be based on the themes of natural disaster, nuclear pollution and the future of 2,000 affected children. The contributing artists include Marina Abramović, Aziz + Cucher, Andy Goldsworthy, Antony Gormley, Alfredo Jaar, Isaac Julien, Whitney McVeigh, Cornelia Parker, Tal Regev, Chiharu Shiota, Kiki Smith, Fred Tomaselli, Fred Wilson, and Richard Wilson. BE/LONGINGS SILENT AUCTION Carefully selected works from artists who are closely linked with Japan share their messages, wishes and hopes for the post-earthquake recovery – and a collective aspiration to rebuild their places of belonging. The participating artists include Ryota Aoki, Kounosuke Kawakami, Tadashi Kawamata, Kentaro Kobuke, Masakatsu Kondo, MAYU, Tatsuo Miyajima, Peter McDonald, Goro Murayama, Tomoko Takahashi, and Tomoko Yoneda.
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Pages 94
Editor Eiko Honda
Format Paperback
Publisher Now & Future Japan
Related Artists Tadashi Kawamata, Tatsuo Miyajima, Tomoko Takahashi, Masakatsu Kondo, Peter McDonald, Tomoko Yoneda, Ryota Aoki, Kounosuke Kawakami, Kentaro Kobuke, Goro Murayama, Yoko Ono
Category Art from a specific country
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