Now Wash Your Hands

Now Wash Your Hands
Library Shelf Location 17.NOWW
Publication Date
Description Now Wash Your Hands looks at many social and cultural issues in its whirl of consumption and cleaning. The work is visually accessible and often humorous and thus offers a way into the many layers of meaning and interpretation that surround such a vast and complex subject.
ISBN 0907738451
Quantity 1
Pages 30
Authors Josephine Lanyon, Rebecca Fortnum
Formats Catalogue, Paperback
Publisher Arnolfini, Bristol
Related Artists Jane Simpson, Hadrian Pigott, Alexander Guy, Stephen Skidmore, Harriet Jackman, Una Rose Smith, Beth Harland, Dermot O'Brien
Category Installation
Related Galleries Arnolfini, Bristol, Berwick Gymnasium Gallery
Related Curator/Producer Josephine Lanyon
Language English

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