Oh Jaewoo: Collector's Choice

Oh Jaewoo: Collector's Choice
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Publication Date 2011
Description At this point, to clarify Collector’s Choice in detail; the artist selects diverse class of collectors and creates artworks of his choice – whatever it may be – then creates a documentation of interviews on his reason for choosing a specific work and of the acquisition process. Project First Stage #1 Oh selects figures from various circles of society – student, housewife, public official, bank employee, art critic and more – and offers them collector status. Each collector requests an artwork of his or her choice. The artist then identically reproduces the requested artwork. (Whether it’s a relief or misfortune, none of the collectors has ordered Oh Jaewoo’s work) Project Second Stage #2 Shortly the collectors receive the artworks of their chosen artists – Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Mark Rothko, On Kawara etc – to the place they prefer. The collectors who have received artworks from Oh are obliged to respond to interview questions prepared by the artist. Project Third Stage #3 The interview – reason for selecting the work, description of the work, price of the work, details of the possession – is recorded as a video. (In this process, the fact that Oh has given the collector the artwork is completed excluded) For a better understanding of the process, here is an example of an interview with a high school girl who has participated in this project. She has recently purchased a work of long respected photographer – OH Hein-kuhn. One day, she had an opportunity to visit his studio and learned about their common interest of collecting movie posters, which allowed her to purchase his artwork for only 50,000 Korean Won. She holds out the receipt and certificate of authenticity as a proof of purchase. This is a COMPLETE FABRICATION. The artist encourages a lie, and the participant directs it flawlessly. In reality, this project neither has an artist nor a collector. Through replicating the precedents of art history and the works of renowned artists as they are – Oh highlights the predecessors of ‘appropriation art’ such as re-photography works of Sherrie Levine and Elaine Sturtevant’s works on Andy Warhol. These artists were among pioneers of a generation of artists who have added new values to the action of replicating the works of renowned artists thereby acknowledging the originality of the work to oneself. However, Oh’s work is distinguished as he accepts himself as an appropriation artist and completely conceals his existence. To clarify, Levine and Sturtevant have appropriated the works of other artists to confront the power and the autonomy of the original in modernism. On the other hand, Oh intentionally abandons his originality and has chosen to position himself as an appropriation artist. Oh brings up the constant issue of postmodernism – ‘death of the artist, discourses on reproduction.’ Furthermore, through Collector’s Choice the artist demonstrates the actual transaction process of an artwork by creating, delivering, installing and receipting the work. Oh frankly articulates the order of rank governing the art world constituting of production, distribution and consumption and questions the distribution structure of the artworks in a ‘period where the artist is vanished.’ In establishing himself as an appropriation artist, Oh deprives the position of the producer and subverts the – production-distribution-consumption – order of rank into consumption-distribution-production. In doing so, Oh offers a new blueprint in the contemporary art market.
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Pages 78
Format Paperback
Publisher Art+Lounge Dibang
Related Artist Oh Jaewoo
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keyword Collectors
Artist's Nationality Korean
Language English

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