Ohne Titel: A Collaboration Between Juergen Teller, Cindy Sherman and Marc Jacobs

Ohne Titel: A Collaboration Between Juergen Teller, Cindy Sherman and Marc Jacobs
Library Shelf Location 17.OHNE
Publication Date Feb 2005
Description Spawned by a commission from fashion designer Marc Jacobs for an advertising campaign, "Ohne Titel" is a collection of largely unpublished images of Juergen Teller and Cindy Sherman, which derive from Jacobs' initial concept. Both artists are known for blurring boundaries: film and fashion, advertising and art, public and private, real and fictitious. Sherman made her name with the "Untitled Film Stills" series (1977-1980), in which she played a number of mysterious characters vaguely reminiscent of scenes in international cinema. Juergen Teller's debut was marked by the front cover of "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" featuring a nude model with the word 'Versace' drawn in a heart across her chest. Teller epitomises the shift away from formal fashion photography to the more raw, apparently spontaneous look perfected in his Marc Jacobs campaigns and his personal work. Marc Jacobs' ads have often reflected his close relationships with artists, and in this instance he invited Cindy Sherman to work with Teller. Over the years, Sherman has regularly used fashion in her work - always working alone in her studio as the photographer, model, stylist and consumer, etc. This is her first collaboration with another photographer.
ISBN 386521195X
Quantity 1
Pages 48
Authors Marc Jacobs, Cindy Sherman, Juergen Teller
Format Hardcover
Publisher Steidl Verlag
Related Artists Cindy Sherman, Juergen Teller
Categories Photography, Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Keyword Cinema
Artist's Nationality American (USA), German
Language English

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