OK: The Grey Art Gallery, New York University, Grenwich Village

OK: The Grey Art Gallery, New York University, Grenwich Village
Library Shelf Location 17.OKAY
Publication Date 2005
Description The etymology of the word 'okay' is one of the most disputed. Entire books have been written, linguistics debate and no definite agreement seems to be found on the subject. Stange for a word used often to state that everything is under control. With a change of tone the meaning of 'okay' can move from utterly positive to downright dismal. The double exhibition OK?OKAY aims to focus on this kind of blurring and movement between meanings, where information that might seem obvious reveals itself as much more ambiguous and subtle. Through the work of 14 European artists, OK/OKAY brings to light the slippage of meaning and translation that shakes up our interpretative system.
ISBN 1884692087
Quantity 1
Pages 150
Author Marc-Olivier Wahler
Format Paperback
Publisher Swiss Institute - Contemporary Art, New York
Related Artists Ben Woodeson, Adam McEwen, Bob Gramsma, Christian Anderson, Valentin Carron
Categories Installation, Photography
Keyword Language
Related Gallery Grey Art Gallery New York
Related Curator/Producer Marc-Olivier Wahler
Language English

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