Omer Fast: In Memory

Omer Fast: In Memory
Library Shelf Location 18.FAST
Publication Date 2009
Description This catalogue for artist Omer Fast subverts the laudatory aspirations of typical monographs by introducing irony, humor, and self-referentiality at the level of text, image, and graphic form. Commissioned essays and interviews in German and English are annotated in a nearly Talmudic fashion by the artist’s own funny and sometimes fictional commentary. Project imagery, when described, forces its way into the text. Faux-letterpress typography mixes with an email-like monospace as the central text’s authority is tested, teased, and questioned. With a classical format and binding, the catalogue suggests a religious text — an expectation which is progressively undermined by the book's own internal twists.
ISBN 9783941644144
Quantity 1
Pages 176
Editor Sabine Schaschl
Format Hardback
Publishers The Green Box, Berlin, Kunsthaus Baselland
Related Artist Omer Fast
Category Film and Artists' Moving Image
Languages German, English

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