On Trickling Away - Concepts of Time in Contemporary Art

On Trickling Away - Concepts of Time in Contemporary Art
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Publication Date 2022

Time, like space, is one of the key coordinates of human existence. The great mysteries of our lives revolve around it, only to remain unresolved when death inevitably ends our days. What is time’s role in art? The vanitas, a genre that was popular with painters in the seventeenth century, is hardly the earliest form that artists have devised to grapple with it. Holger Kube Ventura’s book On Trickling Away. Concepts of Time in Contemporary Art presents the ideas of contemporary artists who approach time from diverse angles. In the twenty-first century, their interest appears to have shifted from visualizations of future raptures to visions of slowness, of the distension, repetition, and standstill of moments in time. Bernard Aubertin (FR), Inge Dick (AT), Rom Gaastra (NL), Gosbert Gottmann (DE), Tommi Grönlund & Petteri Nisunen (FI), Manuela Kasemir (DE), Timo Klos (DE), Dimitry Orlac (FR), George Rickey (US), Patrik Söderlund & Visa Suonpää (FI), and John Woodman (UK) hone our awareness of how subjective the passage of time is and convey vivid experiences of its trickling away.

ISBN 9783969120668
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Pages 19 x 26 / 204 pg
Editor Holger Kube Ventura
Author Holger Kube Ventura
Format Hardback
Publisher DCV
Related Artist Holger Kube Ventura
Category Art by Subject
Keywords Time, Contemporary Art, Vanitas, existence, Perception

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