Open Cube

Open Cube
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Publication Date 2013


  • "Open Cube curated by Andriano Pedrosa 12 July-21 September 2013 White Cube Mason's Yard"--Colophon.


  • In conversation : Pablo León de la Barra interviews Adriano Pedrosa
  • Matt Ager
  • Adriano Amaral
  • Frank Ammerlaan
  • Helen Barff
  • Sarah Bernhardt
  • Martin John Callanan
  • Nuno Direitinho
  • Venisha Francis-Hinkson
  • Rodrigo Garcia Dutra
  • Rowena Harris
  • Alan Magee
  • Fay Nicolson
  • Daniel de Paula
  • Nada Prlja
  • Nicky Teegan
  • Jacopa Trabona
  • Caitlin Yardley.


  • Open Cube is a group exhibition of work by 17 artists curated by São Paulo based curator Adriano Pedrosa for White Cube. After placing an announcement in Art Agenda for artists to submit an application, Pedrosa selected 38 artists from 2,900 submissions, and these 38 people were invited for a 30-minute interview in London in March 2013. Seventeen of the original 38 interviews were recorded, transcribed and edited for this publication, to accompany the Open Cube exhibition.


ISBN 9781906072803
Quantity 1
Pages 124 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm.
Editors Robin Kirsten, Honey Luard
Author Pablo León de la Barra
Format Paperback
Publisher White Cube, London
Related Artists Matt Ager, Adriano Amaral, Frank Ammerlaan, Helen Barff, Sarah Bernhardt, Martin John Callanan, Nuno Direitinho, Venisha Francis-Hinkson, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra, Rowena Harris, Alan Magee, Fay Nicolson, Daniel de Paula, Nada Prlja, Nicky Teegan, Jacopa Trabona, Caitlin Yardley
Keywords Artists — Interviews, Interviews
Related Curator/Producer Adriano Pedrosa
Language English

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