Optimum Nutrition for the Mind

Optimum Nutrition for the Mind
Library Shelf Location 29f.HOLF
Publication Date Sep 2003
Description Optimum nutrition is a revolution in healthcare. Patrick Holford's first major book, The Optimum Nutrition Bible, dealt with the effect of good nutrition for the body. Optimum Nutrition for the Mind reveals what good nutrition can do for the mind. Some 80 per cent of us suffer from 'affluent malnutrition', and struggle to cope with the demands of 21st-century life. No wonder the World Health Organization has reported that mental health problems are fast becoming the world's number-one health issue. The good news is that you can 'feed' your brain to clear your thinking, sharpen your memory and smooth out your mood swings. What you eat DOES affect your mind, and can transform how you think and feel. In Optimum Nutrition for the Mind Patrick Holford has drawn on the latest breakthroughs in medical science to show how everyone, at any age, can improve their state of mind with the right nutrition. And he shows how in cases of many serious conditions, from autism to schizophrenia, balanced nutrition can be a key factor in achieving a cure. This is the first definitive, readable and practical guide to solving mental health problems through nutrition.
ISBN 9780749923983
Quantity 1
Pages 352 pages
Author Patrick Holford
Format Paperback
Publisher Piatkus Books
Category Health & Wellbeing
Language English

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