Otherwise: Imagining queer feminist art histories

Otherwise: Imagining queer feminist art histories
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Publication Date 2016

Otherwise: Imagining queer feminist art histories is the first publication to address queer feminist politics, methods and theories in relation to the visual arts, including new media, installation and performance art. Despite the crucial contribution of considerations of 'queer' to feminism in other disciplines of the humanities, and the strong impact of feminist art history on queer visual theory, a visible and influential queer feminist art history has remained elusive. This book fills the gap by offering a range of essays by key North American and European scholars, both emerging and renowned, who address the historiographic and political questions arising from the relationship between art history and queer theory in order to help map exclusions and to offer models of a new queer feminist art historical or curatorial approach.


Introduction: Sexual differences and otherwise - Amelia Jones 1. Queer theory and feminist art history: an imperfect genealogy - Amelia Jones and Erin Silver 2. Just friends: on the making of Pop Out: Queer Warhol - Jennifer Doyle 3. Our maiden aunt, lesbianism, or the limits of queer: a dialogue with Erin Silver and Amelia Jones - Jonathan D. Katz 4. Improper objects: performing queer/feminist art/history - Tirza True Latimer 5. Queerly made: Harmony Hammond's Floorpieces - Julia Bryan-Wilson 6. Ink on paper, again - Catherine Lord 7. On the site of her own exclusion: strategising queer feminist art history - Dore Bowen 8. Dyke talk, or 'political lesbianism' and queer feminist art (history): Amelia Jones in dialogue with Cheri Gaulke, A.L. Steiner and Terry Wolverton 9. Notes from backstage: a dialogue among Pauline Boudry, Renate Lorenz and Jon Davies 10. The male nude as a queer feminist iconography in contemporary Polish art - Pawel Leszkowicz 11. Is identity a method? A study of queer feminist praxis - Nizan Shaked 12. Are we still trespassing? A trans-Atlantic conversation between Emily Roysdon and Xabier Arakistain 13. And the altar started to moan and groan!: transfeminist artistic practices in Spain, a taxonomy - Juan Vicente Aliaga 14. Thinking archivally: curating WOMEN?? - Alpesh Kantilal Patel 15. Striking reverberations: beating back the unfinished history of the colonial aesthetic with Jeannette Ehlers's Whip it Good - Mathias Danbolt 16. Triple threat: queer feminist of colour performance art - Jennifer Gonzalez and Tina Takemoto 17. Beyond the binary: the gender neutral in JJ Levine's Queer Portraits - Jackson Davidow 18. Trans*feminism: fragmenting and re-reading the history of art through a trans* perspective - Jennie Klein and Kris Grey 19. 'What have you done for me lately?': the institutionalisation of queer feminist art histories - Lisa Newman in dialogue with Vaginal Davis and Del LaGrace Volcano 20. Transition pieces: the photography of Del LaGrace Volcano - Dominic Johnson 21. Not at the beginning and not at the end: a conversation among Deirdre Logue, Allyson Mitchell and Helena Reckitt Epilogue: Out of the boxes and into the streets: translating queer and feminist activism into queer feminist art history - Erin Silver

ISBN 9780719096426
Quantity 1
Pages 400 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Editors Amelia Jones, Erin Silver
Format Paperback
Publisher Manchester University Press
Category Art by Subject
Keywords Feminism, Queer, Homosexuality
Language English

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