Otomo Yoshihide: Ensembles 2010: Resonance

Otomo Yoshihide: Ensembles 2010: Resonance
Library Shelf Location 18.YOSH
Publication Date 2010
Description "ENSEMBLES2010: Resonance" is a series of sound-related programs organized based on the notion of "ensembles" coined by musician Otomo Yoshihide. A large-scale exhibition by Otomo and his collaborators at the Art Tower Mito will be accompanied by various projects including a parade on the street and projects by a local resident which will take place at different spaces in and around the art center throughout the duration of the main exhibition. It is an on-going music project by Otomo Yoshihide, explored through collaboration between a visual artist, musician, engineer, curator, project staff and participant from the general public. Otomo seeks for multi-layered and composite music through co-operation with, and reactions or interference from various individuals. It has formed a special kind of concert and exhibition in a gallery, live house, abandoned school and sometimes on the street. ARTISTS Otomo Yoshihide (musician), Kikuchi Hirosihi (architect), Horio Kanta (exhibition/performance/electronic devices), Aoyama Yasutomo (artist), Nakazaki Tohru (artist), Yaguchi Katsunobu (artist), Gotou Hidekado (artist), Mohri Yuko (artist), Kondo Yoshiaki (sound engineer), Takada Masayoshi (lighting designer) "ENSEMLBES" - Otomo's on-going collaboration project whose first volume in Yamaguchi 2008 received a wide acclaim from the Japan's art scene - this year in Mito is expanded into a project that involves not only artists from various genres but also voluntary participants from the general public. The leitmotif of "ENSEMBLES 2010" is "resonance." Enriched by unique ideas and vibrant energies of a wide range of those involved varying from an architect, artist, engineer and voluntary participant, Otomo's "ENSEMBLES 2010" is far from the pre-existing category of music ensemble. It leaves aside the genre-difference of music and visual arts, and is embodied as a form of a procession, installation, provocative concert, workshop, independent online music label and radio program. Also project and event proposals were called for from the general public. Four projects are currently under way to be realized at various local spaces during the period of the main exhibition. Whether professionals or non-professionals, "ENSEMBLES 2010: Resonance" encourages improvised and intuitive collaboration among the participants, evoking in the process of working together the phenomena of "resonance" between and within the involved-individuals. The visitor is to witness the different kinds and forms of "resonance" from the exhibition and its accompanying programs, or even further is welcome to get involved in the project.
Quantity 1
Pages 8
Formats DVD, Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito
Related Artist Otomo Yoshihide
Categories Audio/Sound Art/Music, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords Music, Collaboration, Participation, Musical Instruments
Artist's Nationality Japanese
Language English

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