Our Friends from the North

Our Friends from the North
Library Shelf Location 17.OURF
Publication Date 2000
Description Over the last two decades the context of the Nordic art has broadened to become more conceptual and international in outlook. The emergence of a highly mobile community of young artists travelling the globe participating in large biennials and exhibitions worldwide had undermined regionalism and allowed Nordic artists to take a deserved place in a worldwide currency of ideas, tendencies and attitudes which inform and fuel international debates around the contemporary visual arts.
ISBN 1898543534
Quantity 1
Pages 20
Author Magnus Jensner
Formats Brochure, Paperback
Publisher University of Hertfordshire Galleries
Related Artists Lars Siltberg, Monika Larsen Dennis, Per Wizen, Steinar Jakobsen, Riitta Paivalainen, Kathy Kubicki
Category Painting
Related Countries/Global Region Finland, Norway, Sweden
Related Galleries Art and Design Gallery, University of Hertfordshire Galleries
Related Curator/Producer Matthew Shaul
Language English

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