Package Design Now!

Package Design Now!
Library Shelf Location 40.KOZA
Publication Date Jul 2008
Description The proof is in the package. No other book on the market explores global contemporary packaging to the extent and detail that "Package Design Now!" does. Practically everything you buy comes in some sort of package - some are just functional, while others strive to be as innovative, elegant, and eye-catching as possible. This encyclopedic resource, divided into chapters by type (such as cosmetics, household products, food, beverage, electronics, industrial, and clothing) explores the work of top design and branding offices from all around the world. Also included are chapters on material and processes, giving readers a peek at the way packaging is made and designed. This unique tome is indispensable for design and marketing professionals, as well as anyone who wants to know more about what makes a great package.
ISBN 9783822840313
Quantity 1
Pages 414
Author Gisela Kozak
Format Paperback
Publisher Taschen
Category Product Design/Packaging
Keyword Marketing
Language English

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