Panacea Casebook: Live Performance: Michael Pinsky, Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich

Archive Shelf Location 6A5(14); Disc 684
Publication Date 29 Oct 2009

A Performance lecture featuring a Puppet Doctor, 3 Artists and 6 remedies. Artists Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich, Michael Pinsky, and Doctor Hillary present The Panacea Casebook, examining intersections between art and well being. Asking the question is it possible for the work of artists to act as a social, political and economic panacea, Pinsky, Walker and Bromwich search for artistic solutions that simultaneously offer the viewer/participant an aesthetic experience and a practical tool to improve life. Panacea Casebook is made in collaboration with Dr Mark Down, Dr Hillary and Blind Summit Theatre and is funded by Welcome Trust.

Quantity 1
Formats DVD, DV standard tape, MPEG 4
Related Artists Michael Pinsky, Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich
Category Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Keyword BALTIC Live Art and Performance
Related Event Panacea Casebook (29 October 2009)
Language English

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