Parkett Magazine - No 69 - 2003

Parkett Magazine - No 69 - 2003
Publication Date 2003
Abstract Title: Amelie von Wulffen-Ruins Present Artist: Amelie von Wulffen Author: Philipp Kaiser Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 6 Title: Portrait Francis Alÿs Artist: Francis Alÿs Author: Kitty Scott Rubric: Collaborations Page: 20 Title: One More Step Artist: Francis Alÿs Author: Saul Anton Rubric: Collaborations Page: 34 Title: Strange Attractor Artist: Francis Alÿs Author: Robert Storr Rubric: Collaborations Page: 46 Title: Ghetto Collector, 2003, tin, magnets, plastic string, rubber wheels, 25 design variations, ca 6 1/2 x 9 x 5", Ed. 99/L, signed and numbered Artist: Francis Al888s Rubric: Editions / Editionen Page: 58 Title: Three Decades, a Reconstruction Artist: Isa Genzken Author: Jörg Heiser Rubric: Collaborations Page: 62 Title: The Skyscraper at Ear Level Artist: Isa Genzken Author: Pamela M. Lee Rubric: Collaborations Page: 74 Title: "Fragility can be a very beautyful thing" Conversation with Isa Genzken on 28 July 2003 in Berlin Artist: Isa Genzken Author: Michael Krajewski Rubric: Collaborations Page: 88 Artist: Isa Genzken Author: Isa Genzken Rubric: Collaborations Page: 88 Title: Al Dente, 2003, italian ceramic, lacquer, plastic, plate with two toy figures (cow and dinosaur), each unique and handmade by the artist, ca. 11 13/16 x 7 7/8 x 10 1/4", Ed. 74/XX, signed and numbered certificate Artist: Isa Genzken Rubric: Editions / Editionen Page: 100 Title: Kapoor's Vertigo Artist: Anish Kapoor Author: Norman Bryson Rubric: Collaborations Page: 104 Title: A Word in the Giant's Ear Artist: Anish Kapoor Author: Kurt W. Forster Rubric: Collaborations Page: 116 Title: The Perforate Self or Nought Is Not Naught Artist: Anish Kapoor Author: Marina Warner Rubric: Collaborations Page: 126 Title: Untitled, 2003, perspex, handtinted stocking, paint, 10 1/4 x 10 1/4 x 15", Ed. 60/XX, signed and numbered certificate Artist: Anish Kapoor Rubric: Editions / Editionen Page: 140 Title: Swetlana Heger-Capitalist Neo-Realism Artist: Swetlana Heger Author: Stuart Comer Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 143 Insert: Artist: Robert Crumb Rubric: Insert Page: 153 Title: The Economy of Attention. Art and Radical Thinking in Times of Strategic Consensus. Inquiry Author: Massimiliano Gioni Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 165 Author: Ali Subotnick Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 165 Author: Richard Armstrong Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 166 Author: Francesco Bonami Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 166 Author: Amy Cappellazzo Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 167 Author: Lynne Cooke Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 168 Author: Boris Groys Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 169 Author: Yuko Hasegawa Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 169 Author: Takashi Murakami Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 170 Author: Vicente Todoli Rubric: Miscellaneous / Varia Page: 171 Title: I Do This, I Do That. The Personality Artist and Heavy Metal Dandyism Artist: Spencer Sweeney Author: Jesse Pearson Rubric: Cumulus Page: 180 Title: A Future One Would Like to Be Able to Defer... Author: Eric Troncy Rubric: Cumulus Page: 189 Title: Sunset Boulevard-Rodney Graham's Rheinmetall/Victoria-8 Artist: Rodney Graham Author: Sergio Risaliti Rubric: Balkon
ISBN 3907582195
Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Language English
Issue Parkett Magazine - No 69 - 2003
Publication Parkett Magazine

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