Passages - 64 - Issue 1/2015

Passages - 64 - Issue 1/2015
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Publication Date 2015

The current issue of Passages tackles a potentially limitless topic: our experiences with borders. Contributors include the theatre critic Alexandre Demidoff, on the dissolution of the traditional division between the audi-ence and the stage; the author Pedro Lenz, on the challenges of translating literature from one language into another; and the critic Laurent Wolf, on the history of transgressive art. Borders also play a decisive role in Pro Helvetia’s own activities. With its expansion into the areas of digital culture and design, the Arts Council has been steadily breaking new ground. Its support for interdisciplinary practice helps bring artistic sectors together. And in carrying out its mission to support and promote Swiss art and culture throughout the world, Pro Helvetia is involved in cross-border exchange by definition.

With contributions by:

Richard Sennett on borders and boundaries in contemporary life

John Gaudiosi on the Birdly flight simulator and the future of virtual reality

Christoph Fellmann on new forms of networking in the pop music scene

Roland Fischer on fruitful exchanges between the sciences and the arts

Further topics:

At the Kochi Biennale: Swiss Artists in India

Coming of Age in South Africa: Mats Staub’s Memory Project

Opération Iceberg: Coaching for Young Musicians

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Issue Passages - 64 - Issue 1/2015
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