Push Me Pull Me

5 JUNE 2004 - 25 JULY 2004

This exhibition by Newcastle-based Paul Moss features a new body of work, created during the artist’s three-month residency at Durham Cathedral.

Moss uses a variety of media, working with both the obviously handmade and pieces fabricated and finished by specialist manufacturers. He is interested in communication, particularly the meanings hidden within everyday objects which we take for granted. For example, in earlier work he explores the concealed language of red and white hazard tape, and its ability to signal both warning and institutionalised incompetence.

The apparatus of communication in the church does not avoid Moss’ playful scrutiny, with a design for a pulpit in Formica laminate, the base of a pillar re-worked in beech flooring, and the language of a stained glass window reflected in a new work which resembles both mind game and disco glitter ball.

This exhibition is supported by Arts & Business and Formica Ltd.

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