Paul Thek in Process: Commentaries on/of an Exhibition

Paul Thek in Process: Commentaries on/of an Exhibition
Library Shelf Location 18.THEK
Publication Date 2014

Paul Thek in Process. Commentaries on/of an Exhibition includes all research material which was made public in different formats in the exhibition series Paul Thek in Process. The exhibition was born out of the desire to memorialise Paul Thek's spatial work that the artist realised in Europe in the 1970s and to make it possible to experience it in a larger historic context. Thanks to the historic distance, the latter is possible today. As exhibition, documentation and inscenation at the same time, the project not only traced the tracks of a lost artistic practice, but also questioned the importance of ephemeral material in exhibition contexts, the boundaries of the artwork, the exhibition and institution history, the reception and today's practice of re-inscenation. The publication is conceived as a work list, a biography and a history of objects, an image documentation of the exhibitions and, last but not least, as a self-critical curatorial review on this past project. Furthermore, it contains unpublished images of the collaboration between Paul Thek and Robert Wilson.

ISBN 9783957630988
Quantity 1
Pages 212 pages, b/w ill., 14,8 x 21 cm
Author Susanne Neubauer
Format Paperback
Publisher Revolver
Related Artist Paul Thek
Categories Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team), Artist Biography
Keywords Documentation, Ephemera, Archives
Languages English, Swedish, German

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