Peggy Verzett: Snow Eggs

Peggy Verzett: Snow Eggs
Library Shelf Location 34a.VERZ
Publication Date 30 Nov 2021

Yet another cookbook you’ll think! As if the mountain of cookbooks wasn’t high enough already! But dear hungry reader, one cookbook was still missing; the cookbook that doesn’t quite fit the genre and refers to much-needed uncertainty with an empty stomach. A cookbook that harks back to alchemy. Because the imperative mood is so annoying and needs to be exploited. Because the world of the psyche has endless contents that all want to feel they’re being fed. In Snow Eggs, written by Peggy Verzett, with images by Paul Bogaers, and translated in to English by Pim Wiersinga, seven dishes for seven different mental states of being have been collected. All our digesting causes great difficulties for the finest alleys in our softest facial expressions. Art helps to digest the uncertain instead of regurgitating what we already know. The menus in this cookbook belong to an old stomach that has been mapped, a stomach in which it’s all about slownesses in dark silences.

ISBN 9789492852366
Quantity 1
Pages 160
Author Peggy Verzett
Format Paperback
Publisher Jap Sam Books
Category Poetry
Keywords poetry, Cookery, Mental states
Languages English, Dutch

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