Penniless? Thomas Nashe and Precarity

Penniless? Thomas Nashe and Precarity
Library Shelf Location ZINE-H
Publication Date 2023

Thomas Nashe wrote ‘Pierce Penilesse’ (1592) to satirise Elizabethan society and the failure of ‘trickle-down’ economics. He did so by imagining an updated urban pageant of the seven deadly sins. This zine was originally created as nine pen-and-ink drawings, drawing from Renaissance drawings of fantastical beasts, and animals appear throughout. Because Nashe was a writer who experimented with the ephemeral form of cheap print, the zine format fits perfectly, and was printed on both recycled and tracing paper. The captions for the images are provided as a cut-out-and-paste page, with fragments taken from the original Elizabethan text. This zine was made as part of the AHRC funded ‘Penniless? Thomas Nashe in Historical Perspective’ Project (Cathy Shrank, University of Sheffield, Kate De Rycker Newcastle University, Archie Cornish, University of Sheffield).

Quantity 1
Pages 14
Format A5 Zine
Publishers Newcastle University, University of Sheffield
Related Artist Jessica Heywood
Category Zine Collection (by appointment)
Keywords Seven deadly sins, Renaissance, Precarity, Poverty, Satire, Animals, Thomas Nashe, Pen and ink, Elizabethan

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