Penny Grennan: Your Trash, Our Treasure

Publication Date 2015

This is a digital record of Your Trash, Our Treasure, an installation by Penny Grennan which was created at BALTIC during the BxNU Symposium: Jason Rhoades / Deviant Paths (21 April 2015).

This event was concerned with notions of value: throwing things away, giving to a gallery, curating, and the fluid narrative content of objects, and it investigated,

At what point does an accumulation of objects take on a second identity? (Four Roads catalogue. 2015 p.125)

Participants were invited to bring a portable object that they were going to throw away and to add it to an ongoing installation. The Installation has already been started by me and members of the Baltic staff. A series of portrait photographs were taken of the objects thereby giving each object value and status. In the course of the day participants wrote their object’s story on a label and placed the object on the label, in relation to the other objects in the space. The progress of the installation was photographed to evidence the changes. At the end of the day the objects were be free for anyone to take away, thereby adding to the existing narrative of the object. When the objects were removed the labels occupied the space that the objects once filled. The stories form a parallel to Rhoades’ detailed instructions, or road map, for the exhibition, Four Roads.

The collection stories left by participants can be viewed by clicking here.

The artist would like to thank Chris Girwood who photographed the event.

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Related Artist Penny Grennan
Related Event BxNU Symposium: Jason Rhoades / Deviant Paths (21 April 2015)

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