Personality Assessment Through Movement

Personality Assessment Through Movement
Library Shelf Location 29d.NORT
Publication Date Feb 1990
Description Study of man through movement; movement and personality; aspects of movement assessment; observation; assessment of children; assessment of deaf children; vocational guidance for the young; work study; office staff assessment; case history; group therapy; basis of study; the assessments; tests and material; individual reports. Summary: Human personality is clearly revealed to the trained and sensitive observer through the "shadow" movements and attitudes of the body, those fleeting body-language signs that express inner thoughts and feelings. By compiling a systematic record of patterns and rhythms a "movement portrait" of the individual can be developed, for practical use in education, therapy or work study. When this book first appeared in 1972 it was the first to attempt an analysis of the relationship between movement and personality. Since reprinted and again newly available, it has become an established text of theory and practice for the serious student of movement, for educational psychologists, therapists, teachers and others professionally concerned with child and adult personality and behaviour. Dr North is the author of "Movement and Dance Education".
ISBN 9780746305294
Quantity 1
Pages xiii,300p. : ill., 1form ; 22cm.
Author Marion North
Format Paperback
Publisher Northcote House Publishers Ltd, Plymouth
Category Dance Techniques/Theory
Language English

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