Perspectives 141: Aaron Parazette

Perspectives 141: Aaron Parazette
Library Shelf Location 18.PARA
Publication Date 2004
Description Focuses around a new body of work based on terms common in California surfer lingo. In his earlier work, the artist used appropriated geometric forms, clip art and wallpaper patterns as the basis for his iconic abstractions. The exhibition focused around the new paintings in which Parazette manipulates the order and scale of the letters in these words to create a new set of “borrowed” lines and shapes and uses them as the basis for paintings concerned with the same formal issues with which he has always been involved–color, materiality, scale, and process. Contains an interview with the artist and documentation on his career.
ISBN 0936080876
Quantity 1
Pages 21
Author Lynn M Herbert
Formats Paperback, Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
Related Artist Aaron Parazette
Months April 2004, May 2004, June 2004
Categories Painting, Printmaking, Poetry/Verse
Keyword Typography
Related Gallery Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
Related Curator/Producer Lynn M Herbert
Language English
Materials Acrylic on canvas, Ink, Latex, Paper

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