Peter J. Evans: Across islands, divides. Walkthrough of exhibition

Publication Date 2015

An exhibition of new and recent large-scale work by artist Peter J Evans at
BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne 11 September until 13 December 2015.

Evans is interested in the nature of, and ideas of finite truth in an infinitely changeable universe and works with drawing, sculpture, installation, performance and sound in an attempt to make sense of the ungraspable realities we live within. The title of the exhibition refers to the connections which exist between everything. Nothing exists in isolation and there will always be a connecting thread if we dig deep enough.

Fascinated by systems and patterns, Evans shows a number of processed based drawings, many comprising complex structures of lines built up over a period of years. Alongside these are several new works, including a two part print edition, a unique projection technique for a super8 film and Broken Telephone, a sound work featuring Mark Fell, Laura Cannell and Rhodri Davies, comprised of sixteen tracks to be released as four 12” records. Evans conceived of this work as game between 4 participants, each making an original piece of music which travels round the other players, one after the other, attempting to recreate from memory what they’ve heard after just one listen.
In previous shows Evans has kept certain aspects of his practice at a distance but here he brings those concerns together in a single space for the first time, with didactic oak panels alongside computer controlled spinning pentatonic bells and wall drawings facing burnt timber sculptures.

Evans’ artistic process is a meditative investigation into reality and the stories underneath the everyday surface of things. The lines in his drawings are metaphorical maps that mark out and describe interactions between objects, atoms, emotions and places. Each line both being, and representing a path that has been travelled and the changes which occurred during the journey.

Peter J Evans was born in 1976 in Oxford, U.K. and lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne. He attended Dartington College of Arts from 1995-1998 earning a BA (Hons) in Visual Performance, later gaining an Mres in Digital Media from Newcastle University between 2008-2010.

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