Peter Land: Black Pedagogy

Peter Land: Black Pedagogy
Library Shelf Location 18.LAND
Publication Date 2012
Description Peter Land is a Danish artist whose eye spots what most people would never even notice. Step into his pictorial world and you embark on a bewildering journey among the memories and sensations of childhood. He was born in 1966 and trained in Denmark and England. In his art he works with various techniques and media, primarily with video, sculpture and detailed watercolour paintings. His watercolours trigger a sense of familiar recognition in the viewer through a pictorial imagery reminiscent of illustrated children’s books and strip cartoons. By use of bright colours, clear outlines and satirically exaggerated figures a sense of grotesque comedy is generated. We become spectators to a drama in which laughter and terror are the competing characters. It is the child’s experience of the world around him that provides Peter Land’s focus. The child’s ability to use imagination in order to make sense of the incomprehensible and scary is paralleled by his desire to fit in and understand the rules of the adult world. In the title chosen for this exhibition, Black Pedagogy, Peter Land has given us a historical mirror in which to seek the interpretations we need. This concept refers to a method of upbringing that aims to dominate both body and will, and by threats of punishment seek to teach the child to exercise control.
ISBN 9789189477513
Quantity 1
Pages 80
Editor Bera Nordal
Format Paperback
Publisher Nordic Watercolour Museum
Related Artist Peter Land
Category Painting
Artist's Nationality Danish
Language English

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