Photography Now: 1.10

Photography Now: 1.10
Library Shelf Location 27.PHOT
Publication Date Jan 2010
Description Biogs. Catalogue of an exhibition held at Riflemaker (London), 19 Jan. - [4 Apr.] 2009. Includes bibliographical references. Speciaal nummer van: Azimuts : revue de design, no 15/1998 (issn 1160-9958). The exhibition features the work of those artists, writers and musicians who acknowledge the need to reach a heightened or 'altered state' in order to create their work. We are concerned with the mystery of the creative act. Not the inexplicable 'spark', aka inspiration, but the fire; the non-doing before the doing, the summoning up of elemental spirits from within, or without, during the preparation of some visual or musical work, some theory or idea. This welling-up or 'possession', this 'fever in the heart of man', this spirit, this spell, might sometimes be referred to as Voodoo.
Quantity 1
Editor Claudia Stein
Format Magazine
Related Artist Maurizio Anzeri
Category Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Language German

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