Phyllida Barlow: Image Archive

Phyllida Barlow: Image Archive
Archive Shelf Location 6A3 (133)
Publication Date 2004

Folder: Phyllida Barlow 23 jpegs and 22 Tiffs (duplicates of jpegs) Credit: Colin Davison Folder: Phyllida Barlow pics for press Sub Folder: Final installation shots 10 jpegs - Credit: Colin Davison drawing room 6.bmp Drawing room installation 4.bmp Drawing room installation.bmp Drawing Room.bmp O29759.jpg Phyllida Barlow image credits.doc The drawing room.bmp untitled Dallas.bmp Untitled Metropole.bmp view mile.bmp

Quantity 1
Format CD-Rom
Related Artist Phyllida Barlow
Issue Phyllida Barlow Image Archive

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