Picasso: Sculptor/ Painter

Picasso: Sculptor/  Painter
Library Shelf Location 18.PICA
Publication Date Feb 1994
Description Picasso is acknowledged as one of the great revolutionary modern painters. The fact that he was equally revolutionary and influential as a sculptor is less widely appreciated. Many of the most radical forms of modern sculpture, those that are unique to the twentieth century, can be traced back to Picasso.
ISBN 1854371312
Quantity 1
Pages 296
Authors Peter Read, Marilyn McCully, Claude Ruiz-Picasso, Lionel Prejger, Christine Piot, Peppe Karmel, Elizabeth Cowling, John Golding
Formats Catalogue, Paperback
Publisher Tate Gallery Publishing
Related Artist Pablo Picasso
Months February 1994, March 1994, April 1994, May 1994
Categories Painting, Sculpture
Related Gallery Tate Gallery (pre-Tate Modern), London
Related Curators/Producers Elizabeth Cowling, John Golding
Artist's Nationality Spanish
Language English

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