Planetary Urbanism: The Transformative Power of Cities

Planetary Urbanism: The Transformative Power of Cities
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Publication Date 2016

We are living in the century of cities and urbanisation. Urban environments will become the main organisational form for almost all human societies, where almost all the future issues of humanity will be decided. The unstoppable progress of global urbanisation however raises more questions than we can currently answer. Does the process of urbanisation manifest itself in characteristic attributes, recognisable patterns in different parts of the world? Are the environmental effects comparable? Are the causes of migration comparable? And what are the downsides of the urbanisation process, i.e., what happens to the rural regions left behind? Urbanisation overturns all traditional structures, but is it in fact a process that is open to general analysis, which can be conceptually defined, or does it come in diverse singular movements that can only be interpreted empirically?

Planetary Urbanism is the bilingual publication of the competition which was launched in 2015 as the second „Critique of the Present“ competition after the first competition Out of Balance in 2012. Planetary Urbanism is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, and in consultation with the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU). The publication is indentical to ARCH+ 223 (limited to subscribers).

ISBN 9783931435332
Quantity 1
Pages 236
Editors Sabine Kraft, Anna Aichinger, Zhen Zhang
Format Paperback
Publisher ARCH+
Category Planning and the Urban Environment
Language English

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