Play Rebellion | Playing Up: Mapping Play

Archive Shelf Location BALTIC2019M
Publication Date 29 Jan 2020

In this workshop, Alison Stenning leads a series of playful mapping exercises, encouraging reflection on spaces of play in the past and present.

Participants are invited to draw from their sensory memories of childhood play, using this as a spring board to consider how play might animate our environments and facilitate important relationships on, and with, our streets.

Alison Stenning is a professor of geography at Newcastle University. Her teaching and research interests are focused around everyday and emotional geographies and, in particular, the social and emotional relationships we have with the people and places in our everyday lives. In recent years, she has been exploring the connections between play and our everyday geographies, with a focus on the growing movement to reclaim residential streets for play.

This event is part of Playing Up, a series of discussions, workshops, networks and ideas-sharing events exploring play and its role in place, relationships and disruption, as part of Pippa Hale: Play Rebellion at BALTIC.

Speaker Alison Stenning
Format MPEG 4
Related Artist Pippa Hale
Month January 2020
Related Event Play Rebellion - Pippa Hale (12 October 2019 – 23 February 2020)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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