Politics of Place

Politics of Place
Library Shelf Location 27.LUND
Publication Date 2002
Description Landscapes are products of mind, are created by human beings. Just as humans are created by landscapes. Yes, landscapes do have physical properties, they embrace and bring form to matter, they occupy space and they constitute space. But this geometry of geography is always physical and mental, that is social, mental, political, collective, private, and this human; resulting in many different kinds of landscape and places ( and bery different kinds of people ) : a path through freshly fallen snow from and to the bus stop, a backyard with disused automobiles and a graveyard of memories, deserted grazing fields and deterred ecotopes, inner city quarters turned to slum where the protected zones of the bank palaces are promptly evacuated by dusk, mined fields and poisoned waters, picturesque views and sublime scenarios: caravans of refugees along the highways; history and future, destiny and hope, despair and improvement.
ISBN 9173051675
Quantity 1
Pages 86
Editors Johan Sjostrom, Jan-Erik Lundstrom
Formats Paperback, Essay
Publisher Bild Museet, UMEA Universitet
Related Artists Andreas Gursky, Torbjorn Rodland, Allan Sekula, Jeff Wall, Walter Niedermayer, Nanna H, Anthony Haughey, Margareta Klingberg, Maria Lantz, Ingrid Pollard, Jorma Puranen
Months February 2002, March 2002, April 2002, August 2002, September 2002, October 2002
Category Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Keywords Asylum (political), Geography, Identity, Refugees, Landscapes (representations), Place
Related Galleries Edsvik Konst och Kultur, Sollentuna, Finnish Museum, Lansmuseet Vasternorrland, Harnosand, Bild Museet, UMEA Universitet
Related Curator/Producer Jan-Erik Lundstrom
Language English

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