Pop Art Book

Pop Art Book
Library Shelf Location 04.POPA
Publication Date Apr 2007
Description "Pop Art Book" is a collaboration with the Wolverhampton Art Gallery, which holds one of the most valued collections of Pop Art in the UK. Including pieces by major artists such as Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, Roy Lichtenstein and Eduardo Paolozzi, this book combines visual excitement with accessible academic reflection on the work. The book's four chapters explore the movement via themes of popular culture (fashion, music, comics, film, cars); consumerism (packaging and the media); art and literature (pop art in the context of art history and the backdrop against which it emerged); and politics (the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement and JFK). This is combined with a fresh and startling approach to the presentation of the images. In the spirit of Pop Art, the book includes stickers and pop-ups which encourage the reader to take a playful and creative attitude towards the art. This interactive element of the book offers a fun way of learning to the uninitiated, as well as providing connoisseurs with a new take on this art movement.
ISBN 9781904772699
Quantity 1
Pages 192
Author Julia Bigham
Format Paperback
Publisher Black Dog Publishing, London
Keywords Consumerism, Civil rights
Language English

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