Pop or Populus: Art between High and Low

Pop or Populus: Art between High and Low
Library Shelf Location 05.FUNC
Publication Date 2009
Description The alienation between modern high culture and its public is a fundamental conflict of art. This book develops a theory of contemporary art in response to our moment, when artists and critics must respond to art’s unprecedented popularity. Close readings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Jacques Rancière, Theodor W. Adorno, Clement Greenberg, Benjamin Buchloh, and Boris Groys provide the theoretical framework to comprehend a dialectic of art propelled by tension between the enduring history of art and the domineering presence of mass culture.
ISBN 9781933128894
Quantity 1
Pages 192
Author Bettina Funcke
Format Paperback
Publisher Sternberg Press, Berlin
Category Theory
Language English

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