Poster Boy: The War of Art

Poster Boy: The War of Art
Library Shelf Location 18.POST
Publication Date 2010
Description Although his cut and slash mash-ups of subway platform billboards only exist in New York City, Poster Boys artful and funny appropriations of advertising has gotten him attention the world over. The New York Times dubbed him a kind of anti-consumerist Zorro with a razor blade, a sense of humor and a talent for collage; the Guardian UK said of his work, it is witty, websavvy and economicaland the only materials it requires are chutzpah, imagination and a 50 cent blade. In little more than a year, Poster Boy has taken the street art world by storm, altering more than 200 posters. He exploits the fact that these posters are printed on self-adhesive material that can be cut and then re-applied to a surface, giving posters that everyone takes for granted a new look. Poster Boy tweaks corporate copy, replacing it with incisive and playful puns and turns of phrase rich with innuendo and political punch. Beautiful models turn ghastly and iconic spokespeople become the mouthpieces for Poster Boys ideas. This book includes an interview with the mysterious figure and documents some of his best pieces, including before and after examples. Poster Boys notoriety has increased in the wake of an arrest at an art opening, a project commissioned by New Yorks MoMA and a large-scale installation at a Newark, New Jersey, gallery. But even with so many eyes keeping watch over him, from the police to the media, billboards continue to fall prey to his unique vision.
ISBN 9780981960050
Quantity 1
Pages 98
Author Poster Boy
Format Hardback
Publisher Mark Batty Publisher, New York
Related Artist Poster Boy
Category Graffiti/Street Art
Artist's Nationality Canadian
Language English

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