Press/Enter: Between Seduction and Disbelief

Press/Enter: Between Seduction and Disbelief
Publication Date 1995
Description Press/Enter features a broad range of artworks, most of which rely on advanced and interactive technology. The exhibition reflects on the increasingly blurred relationship between human beings and the machine, and the way in which our individual and social sense of identity is being affected by technology.
Quantity 1
Authors Michael Heim, Louise Dompierre
Format VHS PAL
Publisher Power Plant, Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto
Related Artists George Bures Miller, Julia Scher, Sylvie Belanger, Jim Campbell, Edmond Couchot, Luc Courchesne, Christine Davis, Monika Fleischmann, Catherine Ikam, John Massey, Christian Moller, David Rokeby, Bill Spinhoven
Categories New Media/Digital Art, Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Related Curator/Producer Louise Dompierre
Language English

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