Primipiani Lontananze: Foregrounds and Distances

Primipiani Lontananze: Foregrounds and Distances
Library Shelf Location 17.PRIMI
Publication Date 1992
Description British art may be isolated an even nationalistic; certainly its besetting problems have been singularly allied to some of the attitudes and mindsets that afflict British society as a whole: British art as British society, has been affected, even crippled at times by a nostalgia for a golden age that never was. the truth is that British contemporary art was most promininent at home and best patronised at the height of the Victorian age, when artists such as John Everett Millais were by any standards wildly successful: critical sucess was more than matched by the achievement of fame and fortune.
Quantity 1
Pages 34
Author Maria Vaizey
Format Paperback
Publisher De' Serpenti
Related Gallery De' Serpenti
Languages English, Italian

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