Public Abstraction

Public Abstraction
Library Shelf Location 05.VELK
Publication Date 2015

Could it be that fundamental aspects of abstraction remain to be discovered? Abstraction is usually conceived of formally and pictorially, whereby its underlying thought patterns often recede into the background. This book attempts to question the notion of abstraction and art history's use of it by opening the term up to new interpretations in relation to the public and social spheres of activity.

ISBN 9783863357412
Quantity 1
Pages 300
Editor Vlado Velkov
Authors Vlado Velkov, Stefan Heidenreich, Raimar Stange, Petra Reichensperger, Marcus Steinweg, Johannes Teiser, Gerrit Gohlke, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Alexander Koch
Category Theory
Keywords Abstraction, Process, Public Art
Languages English, German

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