Public Design Support

Public Design Support
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Publication Date 2016

With contributions by Julia Albani, Sherry R. Arnstein, Baltic Raw, Max Borka, Friedrich von Borries, Lucius Burckhardt, Amelie Deuflhard, Bo─čachan Dundaralp, Jesko Fezer, Martina Fineder, Jens-Uwe Fischer, Tina Fritsche, Thomas Geisler, Sophie Goltz, Naomi Henning, Ulrike Jordan, Steffen Jörg, Janne Kempe, Silvia Knüppel, Van Bo Le-Mentzel, Werner Möller, Victor Papanek, Jörg Petruschat, Planbude, Katja Reichard, Tim Rieniets, Tina Röthig, Martin Schmitz, Dirk Schneider, Jan Steyaert, Sabine Stövesand, Pelin Tan, Sebastian Topp, Tim Voss

An experiment with alternative forms of design, Public Design Support is also an intervention in urban life. It helps local residents and others to shape their lifeworld and explore possibilities for action, instead of the usual experience of powerlessness and marginalization in the face of urban development. Public Design Support offers free practical help in dealing with everyday problems while also helping to develop alternative conceptions of the city. It explores the potential of design, including its social role and political significance. Design can be more than a way for competing cities to be distinctive, more than the display of individual status, more than a tool for segregation in urban development. Public Design Support is an engaged and political form of design, since it makes other people, problems, and spaces into actors and objects in the design process. It usually works with people impacted by design, or excluded by it, rather than participants who profit from the process.

This publication—which includes key project materials, scholarly essays, and significant historical texts—chronicles the aspirations, methods, and projects of the first four years of Public Design Support.

ISBN 9783956791833
Quantity 1
Pages 400
Editor Jesko Fezer
Format Paperback
Publisher Sternberg Press, Berlin
Categories Design/Graphic Design, Theory
Keywords socially engaged, Collaboration
Languages English, German

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