Questioning History: Imagining the Past in Contemporary Art

Questioning History: Imagining the Past in Contemporary Art
Library Shelf Location 05.STOK
Publication Date 2008
Description Within contemporary visual art and photography there has for a number of years been a growing interest in history. And that has been while history is being presented as 'the' history with decreasing certainty, since social upheavals have, over the course of recent decades, led to a different view of 'the' history. The mass media have assumed the role of historiographers on a massive scale. The flip-side of this development is that visual culture is gradually losing the ability to convey history in all its variety. The mediatization and globalization of our culture is therefore leading to the dulling of our collective historical awareness. In reaction to this, contemporary artists are asking increasingly critical questions about the way in which the representation of the past is constructed. The attention paid to history among visual artists, photographers, filmmakers and other image producers may indeed be nothing new, but Questioning History focuses on recent developments that are essentially different in their handling of images. By proceeding from an inventory of artists' mentalities, methodologies and interests, this collection of essays will serve as an impulse for further analysis and interpretation of the theme and its modern-day relevance. This gives this publication the potential to develop into a statement, description and benchmark that attracts international attention.
ISBN 9789056626594
Quantity 1
Pages 180
Editor Frank van der Stok
Format Paperback
Publisher Nai Publishers
Category Art Theory/Criticism
Language English

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