Rahel Oberhummer: Unearthed

Rahel Oberhummer: Unearthed
Library Shelf Location 18.OBER
Publication Date 2022

'Unearthed' by Swiss artist Rahel Oberhummer reveals the microbiological world hidden in the permafrost of the Swiss Engadine, preserved for thousands of years at subzero temperatures. As this unique ecosystem is now being threatened by climate change, scientists have taken samples to grow and observe them in labs, while Oberhummer cultivated and photographed these unique microbes in their petri dishes. Developed in close collaboration with the WSL Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research and published in conjunction with exhibitions in Switzerland and China, this book also features texts by WSL scientists, and many other essays.

ISBN 9782839936194
Quantity 1
Pages 224pp, 17 x 24cm
Editor Rahel Oberhummer
Authors Ivano Brunner, Lara Cristiano, Beat Frey, Marcia Phillips, Joel RĂ¼thi, Jonas Schnydrig, Beat Stierli, Larissa Tiki Mbassi
Format Softcover
Publisher Rahel Oberhummer
Related Artist Rahel Oberhummer
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords Art and Science, Science, Earth sciences, Science and technology, Microbes, Micro-organisms, Ecosystems, deep ecology, climate change, Scientific Photography, women photographers
Related Country/Global Region Switzerland

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