Raising the Flag - Week 3: BALTIC is Curious

Publication Date 2018

A twelve-week programme of activities accompanies Lubaina Himid: Our Kisses are Petals. The programme celebrates the raising of the flag which sits on top of BALTIC's roof, taking place on each of the Sundays throughout the Great Exhibition of the North. Each week there will be activity at 11.00 to coincide with the raising of Lubaina Himid’s flag.

Week 3
8 July, BALTIC is Curious: Difference is what we have in common
Celebrate what make you unique, and share it with the world. Join in this mass flag waving event from 11.00. Your flag can be any size, shape or style; the only theme is Difference is what we have in common. Flags should be about bringing people together, and this event is a celebration of diversity. This event forms part of BALTIC is Curious, a one-day takeover of BALTIC by Curious Festival. Bring your flag, a smile and a sense of belonging!


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