Reading the Glass: Management of the Eyes, Moderation of the gaze

Reading the Glass: Management of the Eyes, Moderation of the gaze
Library Shelf Location ABC-BARB
Publication Date 1991


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‘This book occupies an uneasy space. It is neither academic text nor an artist's book and yet shares something with both. It might sit on a shelf or be equally appropriate in a pocket. It might remind one of many things − missal, rhetorical guide, a treatise on aesthetics. If it belongs in no one place, well, that is somewhat its intention − a kind of homelessness.’


Reading the Glass addresses the question of the gendering of the gaze through a series of words and images, exploring the act of looking, illustrating the difference between the male and female gaze, and speculating on whether a space that is not gendered can exist within an image, within language.


Eight people were invited to contribute to the book, grouped into pairs, woman-man, and artist-theorist. Each pair enter into a dialogue with each other through image and text; the sections are self-contained but each has a complex relationship with the overall design of the book.


ISBN 9781870699082
Quantity 1
Pages 144p; 150 x 215 mm
Authors Charles Barber, Sharon Kivland, Conrad Leyser
Format Softcover
Publisher Book Works, London
Categories BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment), Artists' Books
Language English

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