Reality Bites

Reality Bites
Library Shelf Location 17.REAL
Publication Date 2012
Description The document in contemporary art - Works from Kiasma collection. Contemporary art opens the archives of private memory and challenges our entrenched ways of perciving reality. This catalogue looks at the nature and status of the doument in media ranging from artefacts and filmic narrative to live performance. The esseys explore various perspectives on what has been termed as ´documentary turn´ in contemporary art, analysing the ways in which artists recycle and reinterprent existing documents or documentary genres in their art. Documents are associated with assumptions of truth, authenticity and originality, yet a document is not self-evidently true.Documents are susceptible to manipulation, and archives are always the result of historical choices.The work of many artists is characterised by a critical attitude towards authenticity and originality. The exhibition consists mostly of works from the collections of Kiasma, featuring both recently acquired pieces and some that are on loan.We hope that the exhibition will inspire visitors to reflect upon their own attitudes towards documents, memory and historical events. Many contemporary artists work in ways that have a similarity to the documentary method, capturing elements of reality in their work.Others use archive materials in their art.The documentary appearance of an artwork can also be a carefully constructed impression – documents are not self-evidently true.
ISBN 9789515334497
Quantity 1
Pages 132
Authors Eija Aarnio, Patrik Nyberg
Format Hardback
Publisher Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki
Category Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Language English

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