Reckless Sleepers: The Last Supper (04)

Reckless Sleepers: The Last Supper (04)
Archive Shelf Location 6A3(210)
Publication Date 2004
Description The Last Supper – UK Tour The Last Supper project started with the simple idea of eating your last words. It takes groups and sets of last statements and last meal requests. The suppers are the last meal requests of prisoners on death row, Texas. The sets of last statements are elaborations of factual or fictitious recollections or reports of last words and scenarios. The last supper was originally assembled for Time Festival Gent, and is a Nieuwpoort theater, and Limelight theater co-commission. Written by Mole Wetherell for Reckless Sleepers and created in collaboration with Tim Ingram Jessica Hoffman, Pascale Petralia and Andrew Clarke for a UK tour.
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Issue Reckless Sleepers Press Pack

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